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At times, Bainbridge Consulting will partner with ABG Ag Services to provide our clients with the best service. ABG Ag Services is an ag consulting, contract research, and specialty data collection business with locations in Indiana and South Dakota. In addition to working with ABG with our clients, we also work with ABG Ag Services for special projects and to perform case studies. 

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Bainbridge Consulting partners with Brookside Laboratories. Brookside Laboratories provides us with complete (chemical, physical, biological) accredited testing services and technical assistance. Brookside Laboratories can assist with crop scouting, manure management planning, site evaluations, GPS mapping, sludge application recommendations, wastewater treatment monitoring, and more.  

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The Amplify Network is a consulting network. As an Amplify consultant, Bainbridge freely shares knowledge and experience with other experts, while remaining as an independent business owner. Amplify's extensive training and education equip consultants to succeed as skilled agronomists in order to best serve their clients. 

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